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Tuesday 24th July

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PANEL ONE: Integrating teaching of text capturing skills into education and workforce development (Part One)
Liao Qing Beijing Stenography Association (CN) The education of stenography in China.
Dr. Klaus Ramming (D)

Typewriting in Elementary Schools: An important base skill as an entrance into the Information Society

Fabrizio Gaetano Verruso Sicilian Parliament (I) Development of the reporting profession in Sicily, financed by contributions of the European Social Fund, directed to training the unemployed
PANEL TWO: Integrating teaching of text capturing skills into education and workforce development (Part Two)
Hajdicsné Dr. Varga Katalin and Szücs Eszter Cecília Ph.D student University of Kaposvár (H) Bologna-process for integrating administrative skills training into other curricula.
PANEL THREE: Stenographic and Voice Recognition Technologies: from the technology provider's perspective
Chad Theriot & Bettye Keyes AudioScribe (USA) Speech Recognition as a Rich Media Component: Demonstration (using voice recognition) of streaming text, synchronized with audio and video to create media content via webcasts and podcasts in realtime.
John Wenclawski Stenograph Corporation (USA) The impact of technologies and human factors in reporting activities.
Bob Bakva ProCAT (USA)

Using Voice Recognition for Realtime Text Delivery

Keith Vincent


To-days' professional reporting

PANEL FOUR: Applications and uses of Stenographic and Voice Recognition Technologies

Petr Herian

Newton (CZ) Court reporting firm providing full texts of all information  

Annette Myers

NVRA (USA) Certifying quality reporters to the public.
Bettye Keyes & David Rogala NVRA(USA) Realtime by Voice: Just what you need to know
Karen Yates NCRA (USA) Applications of realtime reporting, both in judicial and non-judicial settings (for example, evidence presentation and litigation support, interpretive services, etc.)
PANEL FIVE: Technology developments in the practice of capturing words and processing text (beginning)
Gregor Keller (D) Security within the Internet

Tang Keliang

Beijing Stenography Association (Cn)

Using the computerized steno machine in China

Dr. Carlo Aliprandi SyNTHEMA/University of Pisa (I) Recent advances in Human Language Technologies: can Assistive Technology help professional reporting and text processing?
PANEL FIVE (conclusion)  
Dr. Wolf-Heider Rein (D) "Maurice Ravel and The Weasel": A device simulating the art of keyboarding.   
Walter Kistler Newrite (USA) Explanation of Newrite stenographic system and its computerization

Marc Bendayan

Cion Scientifique (FR)

Real time broadcasting text in France